The Revel Cabin

What's in a Name?
Why we named it the "Revel Cabin"

The Revel Cabin is an American success story — visible proof of the opportunity we Americans have to fulfill our dreams. Nestled beside the Southfork of the Payette River, the breathtaking views commanded by this Idaho gem lift the spirit and restore the soul. I'd like to tell you how this luxurious vacation rental got its name and why we share this Idaho delight with others.

The Revel Cabin is my creation, which was inspired by the "can do" attitude of my Papa (Oral Revels), who was known as "Blacky" because of his coal black hair. "Blacky" Revels made his opportunities, and could do anything that he set his mind to. There was no such word as "can't" in his vocabulary. Oral Revels never accepted defeat, never used excuses, he lived by a motto "there's more than one way" and he gave everything he had to everything he did. He never said "die", although he did say "damn" a lot! His is an American story, and we must never lose that spirit of pride, determination, and integrity.

A movie could have been made of the life of Blacky Revels, the cowboy, bronco buster and World War II U.S. Marine turned cattle rancher, welder, fabricator and entrepreneur. He was a true all-American patriot, and a dedicated family man.

Papa married his childhood sweetheart, Isabel, and they bore their family, except for me, way high in the Rocky Mountains above Denver, Colorado, in what is now known as Estes Park. They began a life together that was full of adventure and challenge in a beautiful but primitive and harsh environment. The obstacles that Papa overcame are examples of what a person in America has the opportunity to become, and have been examples for me to try to follow.

The persistence, willfulness, and integrity of "Blacky" are why the Revel Cabin exists. They are examples of why America is great and why we share the Revel Cabin experience with others. Papa's life ended In Idaho, but his legacy lives on and the Revel Cabin in Crouch/Garden Valley, Idaho, carries on his name. Our guests enjoy knowing that one room is decorated in the memory of Papa for his courage, his determination, and his ability to overcome adversity. The room demonstrates the circle of life and the balance of all of God's creation together in nature.

"To revel" means to enjoy, "to revel" means to make pleasure, and The Revel Cabin offers a peaceful and serene vacation getaway where you can make your pleasure as you wish. Seclude yourself in this luxurious mountain cabin that sits on a bank above the South Fork of the beautiful Payette River, where the waters invite you to watch for the wildlife it sustains. The eagles fish the bend, the blue herons stride the shallows, the geese and ducks abound. The water shimmers and sparkles in the sunlight as you look upriver and watch for deer to cross. Elk come down for easy grazing across the river and on the slopes of the surrounding mountains. Fox, river otters, coyotes, raccoon, and turkeys — all make their showing in their own time and on their own terms.

Relaxing in a luxurious mountain retreat "as if it were your own" with modern conveniences and comforts can be the most unforgettable vacation, winter or summer, that you can ever have. Unplug the phone, turn off the TV and VCR/DVD and step out on the deck to listen to the river's own song. Feel the tranquility, smell the pines, hear the voices of nature. Take a moment, take a week, and remember what life is about. Absorb this "peace of paradise". As Donna Mack, daughter of orchestra leader Lawrence Welk has stated, "this is the place to go for an attitude adjustment." Make your reservation and come enjoy the comforts of the Revel Cabin in beautiful Idaho of America of the USA!!


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